Region 1 Awards


By Jesse Taub, Awards Committee Chair

Region 1 of the IEEE gives awards to its members in a variety of technical, managerial and professional categories which are described below. Nominations forms and other instructions can be found on the IEEE website: and then ask for “Region 1 Awards” in the search box.

Please send your nominations to Jesse Taub, the Section’s Awards Chair at They will be reviewed by the Section’s Awards Committee. Nominations must be received on or before May 15, 2017. If you have any questions, please call 631-420-1564.


PURPOSE: The purpose of the Region 1 Awards Program is to publicly recognize professional and technical excellence and major accomplishments and contributions made by Region 1 IEEE members.

AWARD CATEGORIES: There are six categories for the Region 1 Awards:

A. New Technical Concepts in Electrical Engineering
For significant patents, for discoveries of new devices or applications, and for significant reductions in components or processes.

B. Electrical Engineering Professionalism
For personal, high-level leadership in research and design performance in support of all phases of the Electrical Engineering Profession.

C. Promotion of Self-Development for Practicing Electrical Engineers
By arranging courses, seminars, and tutorials to enhance the educational level and the competence of practicing electrical engineers.

D. Enhancement of IEEE in Industry and Community Service
For outstanding service to the IEEE at the Chapter, Section, Region, and national level, and for major contributions to the industry and the community.

E. Electrical Engineering Management
For managerial excellence in organization, leadership, design, and development.

F. Electrical Engineering Support for Student Activities
For improving communications between the IEEE and a Student Branch or Student Group; for support and service to a Student Branch or Student Group; for service and leadership to the student community.
G. The William Terry Distinguished Lifetime Service Award
This award is intended to recognize those whose personal efforts have provided leadership, creativity, guidance, hard work, and inspiration in a wide range of IEEE activities over a long period of time.